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#1 Buyer's Remorse: 2015 Edition  [Mon Nov 23rd, 2015 06:06]

Matty G
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From: New Zealand
Registered: Sat May 28th, 2011
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What are some games or DLC/expansions you regret purchasing this year?

I'll start with The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. Edmund is practically making me pay for significant nerfs and 'bug fixes' that aren't present in Rebirth, on top of making the game more annoying to play.

#2 Re: Buyer's Remorse: 2015 Edition  [Sun Nov 29th, 2015 13:11]

The Dr. House of BFH
From: The West Coast
Registered: Fri Sep 3rd, 2010
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Battlefield 4 : Final Stand was one of the worst DLC's I have ever bought. Felt even uninspired and derivitive after they had some really good maps between China Rising and Dragon's Teeth.

#3 Re: Buyer's Remorse: 2015 Edition  [Mon Nov 30th, 2015 03:45]

From: Auckland, New Zealand
Registered: Tue Feb 2nd, 2010
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I would love to buy the BF4 DLC, but no Australian servers seem to run its maps.

I got Insurgency the other day, it's really fun and a genuinely good game, but I'm worried it's going to die because CSGO is simply more popular and I don't enjoy playing against bots.

#4 Re: Buyer's Remorse: 2015 Edition  [Mon Nov 30th, 2015 18:46]

From: Canada, ON
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I spent 20 dollars on Hearthstone card packs and now don't sleep as much because I'm playing that on my phone what a disaster.

Avoid that game it's very tempting.

#5 Re: Buyer's Remorse: 2015 Edition  [Thu Jan 21st, 2016 17:14]

Totally a "Random"
From: West-By-God Virginia
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Westerado - Double Barreled Edition.  Writing was good, but the actual gameplay was just too frustrating to keep my interest.

Luckily it was only $2-$3 on steam.

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