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#1 I just watched all my youtube videos  [Thu Mar 5th, 2015 17:54]

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and they were basically all crap. My apologies to all you viewers. Hope you had fun watching them. I guess it's called going through puberty or smtn.

On a side note since only like 5 people still browse this site how old are y'all? I played my first BFH game when I was like 12 and now I'm 18 so basically I'm #BFH4life.

#2 Re: I just watched all my youtube videos  [Fri Mar 6th, 2015 00:28]

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That's good at least you doubled your views tongue j/k man videos are all fun, that's all us vets really have to remember the game in its best state. I enjoyed the few videos of yours I saw.  I miss the fun times of the game but, they are making it easier and easier to go without. It is complete garbage now bouncing all around the screen with all the spam weapons and dodging 8 mandos on the 3 US servers left. smile I like to just check in on occasion just for laughs. Even though I came off as an asshole most off the time, I just enjoyed trolling and pissing people off, entertaining. In real life nothing personal against any of you dumby tongue best wishes in your future.

#3 Re: I just watched all my youtube videos  [Fri Mar 6th, 2015 05:25]

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Its weird to think of BFH as a defining game for many of us. I first played BFH in 2009 when I was 13, now I'm 19. I go back and watch old Youtube videos of mine and feel like throwing up when I hear my voice from back then.

#4 Re: I just watched all my youtube videos  [Fri Mar 6th, 2015 08:32]

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I only made a collaboration in one video "Triple Threat", and I felt 3edgy5every1...still feels good to look at some of the videos when BFH was in it's prime. I'd slap my younger self if I saw him xD

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