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#1 Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Wed Jan 18th, 2012 18:05]

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Mine are:

Nunu - I´ve been playing him on AP so far, and it´s worked out pretty good (he has to take alot of dmg in teamfights though
Amumu - Tank
Dr. Mundo - Alot of HP mixed with armor/magic resistance depending on who my enemy is

Others I´ve played werent too fun

btw, if you´re on the EU west server add me, I´d really like to play with and against some of you

#2 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Wed Jan 18th, 2012 18:33]

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jungle (my favourite role): rammus, maokai, nunu
top: warwick, irelia, gangplank
support: taric, alistar
ad: corki
mid: rumble, galio

#3 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Wed Jan 18th, 2012 19:05]

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Jungle: Warwick (favourite but least played), Udyr, Nocturne, Shaco
Mid: Malzahar, Karthus, Ryze
Top: Trynd, GP, Sion (mostly AD, sometimes AP), Nasus, Pantheon, Olaf, Volibear, Irelia
AD: Vayne (probably unviable now after they took a giant dump on her with today's patch), Graves, Pantheon (as counterpick for AD if I also have support with low cd stun)
Support: Cow only

Edit: I'm on EUNE and NA

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#4 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Wed Jan 18th, 2012 21:28]

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I can play basically 90% of all the champions in the game at a decent level, but to get into the comfort zone with each champion takes a lot of practice for me.

For example, Morgana - my first champion. I played approximately 200games consecutively (insta-lock&mid big_smile ) I got so used to all her mechanics, damage and I knew exactly what she was capable of and not. I knew exactly how to play against every champion in the game and knew which level i could engage etc. Then she got nerfed and is perma-banned - and i haven't played her for over a year.

Now it's just so hard to get into the same comfort zone with any other champion, that I end up only playing a few - which clearly hurts my overall gameplay & counter. However, the few champs I main I have a rather decent W/L ratio on.

Previously I played Anivia 24/7, then her ult go nerfed and she just got pwned mid vs. strong harrassers such as Brand (pre-nerf). She's still viable n shit, but simply too mana reliant/blue. (I was 60%+ pre-nerf, then I played her less and aggressive mid-lanes became meta. In which she simply weren't as viable.)

Amumu (65%)
I pretty much always lvl.2 gank, which helps my top the first few level's as he'll get get a health advantage, which is crucial in top. Though, avoid pushing the lane too much (wait till minions have established) or else it'll only push and be counter-productive.

Support - JANNA
Funnily enough, Janna is the support champion that carried me 200 ELO CONSECUTIVELY - 14 win streak. This was S1, but still applies - esp. now that healers were nerfed. Other friends of mine have picked her up as well, and Allen is running strong with 85% w/l ratio after 30 games with her. She's slightly boring to play compared to Ali, but she's definitely a weak (I'm a noob can't spell strong correctly) support. (Though I usually pick Sona and Ali nowadays)

Akali - 70% w/l ratio 40games.
Fun fun fun, pwn pwn pwn.

Really fun champ with low-cd and high skill potential. Once you get the upper hand you can pwn any lane Mid-game, and her GANKS/DIVES are fucking retarded. I only play her mid though as I really dislike double magic lanes and tanky DPS win games. She also has an amazing mid-game, and by playing mid you gain huge map-control as you can gank and kill virtually any lane. I'll put up a game, so you can see ^_^

#5 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Wed Jan 18th, 2012 23:56]

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Corki: I main this guy. AD carry bot with sona/janna with a friend who's #godmode support, usually results in us zoning the lane and me getting fed.

Gangplank: Nothing more fun then pubstomping with critplank... mid, solotop, bot anywhere really.

Sion: AP Sion, another amazing pubstomper, snowballs hard as fuck midgame and stun + shield = crazy burst.. and to top it all off his E makes him tanky.

Teemo: Solotop, beats the majority of popular solotops at this time (completely ruins Nasus) and is a massive troll. Shrooms = ez smash laning

Swain: Mid Swain 2strong

Edit: @Joey idk about EU, but aren't Akali and Morgana common bans in ranked for you gais?

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#6 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Thu Jan 19th, 2012 02:14]

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My personal favourite is Gankplank build as tank, regular critshit isn't fun.
If I have to take AD I'll like to take Urgot and pwn those idiots who picked Vayne.
For support Taric is awesome: Tanky, Heal, stun, armour and dmg buff. All in one.

I don't like to play squishy ones (expect Urgot) and that's why I play rarely mid and mid only when team allows/wants me to pick Mordekaiser.

#7 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Thu Jan 19th, 2012 03:20]

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My favorite champs are probably Taric,Karma and Shyvana.

-Taric is my all time favorite support,and he's carried me out of some bad crap in the past and is still outrageously doing so.
-Karma is a wonderful bag of candy,you can play her in many different ways and I think she shines as an AP supportas Siv HD said "You fuck with Karma,she fucks you harder".
-Shyvana is my favorite solotop/jungle champion and I've made my fastest jungle time with her and she has excellent potential and great inititiations.

#8 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Thu Jan 19th, 2012 05:13]

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First and main champion. Simply there is no escape from her and she can pwn squishies in seconds but you can shut her down easily with cc/aoe burst/oracles. I go merc threads, hextech gunb, rylais as my core and either more burst after this (dcap, lich bane) or situational items.

Mid domination. You can do a full combo on your enemy and either kill him or let him with barely and life left and don't get a single hit from him (Q silences). She requires good position in team fights as you main role is to get in, kill a squishy in a second and get out as well as fast fingers smile

I like her a lot. People who think she must be played as support probably never played her before. I play her as mid ap carry. The thing with her is that she needs to get fed either by creeps or by kills and then you can guarantee a victory for your team unless enemy team is not too fed. With lux you can pretty much stand in a safe zone a snipe enemy team with ur abilities. Basicly you got a stun that can stun two targets, a great aoe skill that also slows and  a lazor beam that lets none escape big_smile. Noone can get to you and noone can get away from you k.

Probably my favourite AD. I play her solo top. She can crush pretty much anyone there and contribute to team fights A LOT since she got aoe stun, aoe q, aoe ulti. They kinda fucked her up with the current patch but I believe she is still viable. Great thing about her is that you can stack a bunch of bloodthirsters and be tanky as hell since her shield scales with AD. My build on riven is merc threads, 2 dorans blades, brutalizer (she already pwned by now), bloodthirster and guardian angel. Next items depend on the situation.

About junglers, I used to play warwick but he is actually not viable anymore. Heis one of the faster if not the fastest jungle cleaners but he needs his ulti in order to gank and if he attempts to jungle without it he just wastes time. Current meta requires the jungler to be lv 2 w/ red buff before any other lane and either gank top or mid to give the advantage to him team.

#9 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Thu Jan 19th, 2012 06:12]

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my fav is ap fatboy big_smile with hillbilly skin offcourse XD

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#10 Re: Favorite Champions and How you play them  [Thu Jan 19th, 2012 06:16]

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Alistar, nidalee and lee singah

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