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This contract applies to all who register to BFHN. As a whole, this contract executes the individual rights of any member who wishes to join BFHN. The use of BFHN is limited to, but does not include, a free website where all members must agree to all rules and understand that the rules may be changed at any time, though the member must always agree to them. BFHN is presented on an ("As is") basis and any member must abide by the following in order to use BFHN to it's full potential. These rules are implied; your countries federal government has the supreme rule in any case.

1. No spamming or flaming of another member. This is to include all moderators, administrators, etc. Upon violation of this rule, the member will be given a warning; if the violation is considered to be sufficient, the member will recieve a ban. Bans include, but are not limited to, permanent or temporary suspensions.

2. The ("Spam") Board is presented as a basis for all spamming & flaming. This board overrides rule 1 on the basis that it does not include excessive spamming or flaming. Racism is not wanted, this is still grounds for suspension.

3. Within individual boards, there will be stickied topics. It is the members' duty to fully read and understand all stickies before posting in the section. Failure to read stickies will result in a warning, suspension, or deletion of the topic.

4. Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to record logs of the IP you connected from, etc. Multiple accounts from the same IP are grounds for immediate expulsion. Issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

5. Advertising is strictly prohibited. The posting of links to off-site schemes or referrals will be removed immediately. If you feel that you should be allowed to post a web site or web link, please contact an administrator to complete your query.

6. Posts are not moderated upon submission and as such, BFHN takes no responsibility for anything posted. BFHN Administrators AND moderators will never intentionally inflict damage to you or your property and BFHN as a website does not promote such activities. Such that BFHN takes no responsibility.

7. BFHN, it's staffing, and it's users are in no way supporting the use of BFHN to achieve monetary gain. If you would like the sell an item using BFHN, you are NOT permitted to post a new topic/reply to do so. For applicable gaming related trading, bartering and sales some threads will be specifically provided. If you feel you should be allowed to offer your item for purchase, and a viable thread does not exist, please contact and administrator for review. Failure to comply with these terms can and will result in a ban.

8. "Mini-modding" is not permitted at BFHN. There are MANY things that are taken into account when picking mods, and unless you are selected for mod, you have no idea whether or not you contain those qualities. This includes "Use Search", "OMG broken rules!!11oneelveen!1!", etc.

9. BFHN provides users with the ability to post pictures and videos, however posting content or links containing nudity or pornography is strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent ban.

10. Posting personal information about other users, such as photographs, names, locations or contact information without consent is prohibited. Material in violation of this rule will be removed and the offending party may be penalized.

11. A live chat feature has been implemented and made available to registered members. The forum rules apply to the live chat as well. Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to log and review all conversations that occur within live chat.

12. BFHN staff reserves the right to ban or suspend without warning. Any disputes or appeals should be sent to an administrator for review. Reinstatement is not guaranteed nor implied.


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